Guelph Mercury/Tribune Questionnaire

 What is the most important issue facing your ward? 

With Guelph’s incredible pace of growth comes the challenge of maintaining a safe and liveable community. While urban intensification is necessary, ineffective development affects our quality of life every day. It has resulted in a lack of badly needed services in the east and a feeling of disconnection in the rest of our ward. All parts of our ward are feeling the demands of intensification due to increased traffic, competition for parking; crime; decreased affordable housing; shrinking green space and lack of protection of the environment. It also drives up taxes needed to finance inefficient sprawl. We pay forever. There is a sense of rush and lack of understanding of the real consequences of ineffective development. Residents throughout our ward are frustrated.  Council needs to address this with greater foresight and listen to the residents’ needs and solutions. Stronger voices are badly needed.


Why are you running for council? (250 words or less):

My voice is strong and clear. And I have no hidden agenda. I love Guelph and I love my ward. I believe that we can do things in a more effective way, and that many of the solutions are available right here, within our community. My only goal is to defend our way of life in Guelph and speak up for the people of my ward, and make all of Guelph a better place to live. I will constructively and persistently push for increased public input - public consultation that actually means something. (Currently, it does not. It is merely gratuitous.) I will keep residents informed. I will solicit your input. I will advocate for you at City Council. I will be on the side of sustainability, a word that has lost its meaning for most people. It means protection. Of water, air quality, the environment. And also: employment, economic vitality, culture, and what you might call social integrity — the feel of a place. Our place. Our city. Our way of life. Guelph has an amazing reputation, and in order to fulfill this reputation we must move into a safer and more sustainable way of living. Politicians can get lost in the weeds of civic rules and regulations (and social media). I will not get lost in the weeds. My voice will reflect your voices – that of my constituents. If my values are yours, please vote with your values on October 22.


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