We rely on small contributions to help power my campaign! Please chip in what you can -- $3, $25, $50 or more! No donation is too small. Your contribution will go to producing the materials needed for me to connect with other people throughout Ward 1.

Thank you for your support,


Contributions may be made by cheque, cash, e-transfer, or credit card.

1) Cheques made out to Barbara Mann Campaign may be picked up at your location or dropped off or mailed to:

c/o Steve Woodburn, Accountant
CFO for Barbara Mann Campaign
15 - 259 Grange Rd., Guelph, ON  N1E 6R5

Phone: (519) 822-9244

2) E-transfer to

3) Cash donations must be $25 or less. All contributions greater than $25 must be made on-line, by cheque or a method that clearly shows where the funds came from.

4) Credit card see below to pay online.

Contributions may be made by:

  1. I am a resident in Ontario
  2. I am making this contribution from my personal funds, as an individual.
  3. My contribution is not on behalf of the following groups, individuals and school board campaigns

Contributions cannot be made by:

a corporation, a trade union, an individual who is not normally resident in Ontario; a federal political party, constituency association, or a registered candidate in a federal election; a provincial political party, constituency association, or a registered candidate or leadership contestant; a federal or provincial government, a municipality or a school board.

The members of these groups may make individual contributions from their personal funds (as long as they are residents of Ontario).

Contributions and gifts to the Barbara Mann Campaign are not deductible for income tax purposes.


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